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aug 20 2021 - 22:35

Jeg er en mann, 40 år gammel og ufør.

Jeg mistenker sterkt at jeg har en "Unnvikende personlighetsforstyrrelse".
Jeg liker å skrive på Engelsk. Jeg har "utsatt" meg selv mer for Engelsk i min
trygge hule, gjennom mine år der, enn det jeg har for det Norske språket, kan du si.
Jeg føler meg mer beskyttet på den måten.

Dette er et utdrag av en tekst jeg har brukt mange timer på å skrive:


I don't really know what I hope to achieve by writing this here, but I have
thought about it, and then I thought about it some more. Finally, here I am.

Are we really in control of our own lives??

I suspect the people who are put in charge to run our society were told to disregard the needs of the individual, without even knowing it.
These people are being controlled, so they can in turn manipulate others, and so forth, further down the chain link.
We don't really have that much free wiggle room to work with as citizens of this so-called free world, as we think.
If it's deliberate and subtle enough, the amount of moving parts that exist could be designed to be obfuscated,
and made to look as if they appear to be making completely different moves than they actually are, right?
Before you know it, you have a flock of sheep thinking they have a sense of purpose and a moral direction, when in reality, north is south, and
south is north! And it goes exactly according to the plan put in place by those on top. Those who feed off of us, like vampires, just because they can.
The fat cats!

Unfortunately, the people who are put in charge to "protect us" have no clue, and they are just obeying, like oblivious puppets.
Now, the higher ups have the scape goats they need, and are in total control of our lives. Responsibility goes out the window.
A "moral loop hole" was created by deliberate misdirection. A weak link, or a loophole, if placed correctly,
suddenly gives the total power over the world, over to one single player, and that player is not playing fair.
So now, moral irresponsibility has free reign! There is us, there are the ones who we think are in charge,
and then we have the people who are really controlling everything. And they don't have to take responsibility for anything. Because they own us all!
They do what they want, when they want, and they don't care about us! We have no "individual freedom"! How we live, and when we die, is ultimately not up to us.
If we incorporate the fact that everything we tried and are still trying to live for will ultimately be taken away from us in the end, because nothing
ever lasts, with the belief that true free will is nothing but an illusion anyway, then...
What separates us from sheep? What are our lives worth? Is there a true definition of free will in the world?

Does meaning exist in the existence of humanity in the end?

Re: Kontroll

aug 21 2021 - 00:33
I believe reading about New Public Management, which is a theory adopted by both Norwegian and European politicians (among others), openly - no secret, no conspirations - would be beneficiary to you.

A much used idiom in political discussions is that when people become sheep they deserve to be led by wolves. I don't know if it is deserved, but it seems to be unavoidable. :D

To your question. Some people believe that control is an illusion, but the freedom to choose is worth fighting for. As an extencion Life, to you, has the value you choose to give it, both your own and your fellow man. As such sometimes your life may be more valuable to others than to yourself. Also, you can choose to let the river lead, but you don't have to. This of course is all philosophy.
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