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Help for a friend

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Help for a friend

juli 27 2015 - 21:02

I apologise for using English; I am not from Norway. Rather, I am inquiring about a situation involving someone I speak to online who lives in the far north of Norway.

This person seems to suffer from extreme depression, which has a bad effect on his life. He uses alcohol to cope with his feelings which is obviously unhealthy, and he has talked to me often about suicide. It seems less like he is at immediate risk of suicide, but more like he views committing suicide some time in the future to be inevitable.

I have tried helping him by offering encouragement, but I am not a professional therapist and do not have the emotional strength to deal with morbid thoughts constantly. Obviously, it is best that he seeks professional psychiatric and therapeutic help.

Unfortunately, he fears seeking professional help due to stigma, especially professional stigma. He feels that if he is diagnosed with a psychiatric problem, it will be impossible for him to work in his chosen career- the oil industry.

I understand jobs in the oil industry can be challenging and dangerous, but I cannot understand why he is worried. If someone's depression is managed, why would it pose a risk requiring banning someone from those jobs?

I hear Norway has one of the best mental health systems in the world- surely there is a way my friend can find help. He does not deserve this suffering and his fear is preventing him from finding the help he needs.

How can I reassure my friend and convince him to find a way to get the help he needs without hurting his future plans?

Re: Help for a friend

juli 28 2015 - 08:38
Hey, any chance you could get him to make a post here himself and maybe call the number on this site? it is anonymous so he can talk about how he feels and his situation with someone that will listen and try to give tips on what he should do.

Atleast trying to call the number he could get someone to talk to without having any risk on his job, and hopefully find a solution to any problems.

Having friends from other countries myself, I know how hard it is to try help someone so far away.

Hope your friend gets the help he needs.
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