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a poem!

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a poem!

jan 14 2013 - 10:41
ett dikt jeg fant som beskriver mine følelser:

Mr. Suicide is knocking at my door. I know him well, he has come before. He is trying to peek through the blind. Trying to play games with my mind. He keeps pounding with his fist. Sometimes he is so hard to resist. His whispered words try to seduce. In his hand is a knife and noose. I look through the peep hole and he’s standing there. I can’t help but look and stare. All dressed in black, he looks so nice. He has a way that he likes to entice.Girl scout cookies isn’t what he’s selling. I can feel my tears start welling. Should I open the door and let him in? I want to give up and let him win.
He starts to talk and I listen to his words. He has me flying higher than the birds. His sweet seduction almost has me. Why can’t he just let me be? I give myself a shake to clear my head. To death is where he wants me to be led. Mr. Suicide gives another knock. I reach down and turn the lock. Slowly I slide to the floor. I don’t want him here anymore. Finally he slowly walks away. But I know he’ll be back another day.


jan 14 2013 - 14:38
Forever the night has seemed so black
The darkness caress every part of the land
Never again we can turn and go back
I used to know this place, like the back of my hand

Whispers in the night, floating on the breeze
Nothing left do say in the light
Wishing for the feeling of lightness and ease
Holding on through another night

For the ones who see, there will always be hope
For others there´s only a wall
There´s only so much a man can cope
The end is coming, it´s calling us all

The path may be hard to walk on
Things may not be alright
Sometimes you feel like the biggest moron
Even when you know you´ve been right.

I can´t tell what the next turn will bring
Neither do i want to see
All i wish for is to mean something
That´s the dream in me
Til forsiden