Tilbake Tilbake: Smerte...


Take care of each other,
or not,
we all have a problem,
and need help to move on,,
we all have problem,
that no one fully understands,,,
but we need help anyway,,
to be able to move on,,,
you need me,
i need you,,,
you just understand it yet,
i need you,,,
i do not want you to hate me,
of hatred makes me weak,
weak enough,
to take my own life,
hat makes me weak.
Now try to understand it,,,
i do not want you to bear the hatred of me,
i ask for foriveness,
no enmity or hatred,,,
but an opportunity,
an oppurtunity,
i ask for forgiveness,,
but i still want to die...........

Av: Hanne M.

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