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Hey baby.... shits myself is that a bulge.. you must be happy to see me realizes it’s fucking diarrhea let me unzip that for you and take a look... feels it leak down my pants and into my socks mmmmm looks.. hard... literally fucking dies you know I like... hehe.. hard candy.. shoves nasty penis in mouth while sneezing out vomit slurp slurp..... do you... slurp slurp... like this... slurp slurp realizes diarrhea is soaking through her pants turning them brown cough cough.. oh my.. you’re so big I can barely handle it... crams it back in mouth while fart-spraying diarrhea into the already soaked brown underwear I can barely... huff huff... breathe... I love your hard hard candy.. notices a miscarriage and blood mixing with the diarrhea in her pants with the dead baby hey baby.. are you reading to penetrate my lips with your delicious candy...? has a fucking seizure and goes into a coma

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