Tilbake Tilbake: Livsknuter

This is my life

forstår ikke helt hva jeg skal skrive her jeg

Last night I cried salty tears
For the first time in many years
I cried for the losses of so many things
But first of all for walking in rings
Round and round like a merrygoround
I was not playing on the playground
This is my life.

The pain that I carry is hard to bear
Nobody can see the wall that I wear
Everything comes tumbeling down
Now I have to tune in on the real sound
Deep deep inside of me my heart beat
I can no longer all others cheat
This is my life

Now I’m angry, angry as hell
I have no more no more to tell
The hate that I feel is all for them
But now I can see what life to live
I gave them all I had to give
Enough is enough no time to waist
This is my life

Til forsiden