Tilbake Tilbake: Livsknuter

Bullying is bad!

Det er et dikt om mobbing...

When you feeling blue
and there is no one that talks with you
and you are in so bad mood and you don`t get it out
then all you have to do is shout

from your loungs and out
just shout and shout
when you feel invisible
and visible and ignored in the same time
and you feel less worth than an lie...

Then sceam and shout
untill someone hear you out
dont let it be, but be seen
so you again can feel you are the same
so you can see you belong
in this world of a strange song

You are worth more than people see
no matter what they belive
You are worth loving and being cared for
not to get more and more sours

I am myself no matter what
accept me or not
but if you juging me, my friend
see the torn in you eye, my man

I am myself just accept it
it dons`t matter if I dont fit in you picture of a friendship
dont bully, hit or kick me
Because I am myself and therefore free

Are you one who choose to hurt people
is that who you are, like a meetbowl
splitted in pices
and ate innside by mices

Think about who you are, consentrate on yourself before juging others
thats wise and be nice to all the worlds sons and dougthers
who do you want to be?
don`t you want to be free

do you want to be a man who is feared and full with hatred?
a man who isn`t respected eventhough he is by you called mate
A man who few loves and really respected
where the love and respect is defected

Or do you wan`t to earn honour, respect and true friends?
be a man or lady with untied hands
which are liked, respected, loved and are accepted as cool
One people whould be proud of having in there nighbourhood?

If you bulling someone stop and think
is it more that breaks than the victim turn pink
what happends with the poor ones you missbehave with
do they be allright again or do they allways feel thay dont fit in

Are they getting great depressions?
and cry no matter what happends?
do they live a life in fear and shame?
do they ever be the same?

Think about your actions, before action
because many things you do can lead to destruction
So much can be broken so fast
so I bagging you think at last

the result of your actions can cost more than the world
if you break a human who are like pearls
you can do so much harm
I just want to say: "don`t you hear an alarm"

please behave among others
so others dont come crying to your mothers
It allways hits back on you
I now it do...

the victim, bullies and the audience will all lose
its realy defuse
but its not a winning situation anyway you see
because it isn`t like these it supose to be

it isn`t ment to be this way
please understand that before you bully away
I now it from my own life
bulling feels like a sharp new knife!

Don`t wach without say a thing
then go away or help dont be silly
Don`t bully stop!
it jut to drop

Don`t drive people to selfdestruction
because its like an abduction
of themself, their identety
I become, what you think about me

And the victim at last
an message for you, try to forget the rest
think about yourself and say these words at loud
or just shout:
"I am worth more than all the world
I beautifull, preciouse
and I do desirve
to have a good life like the rest
I am the best!"

"If people dosen`t see who I am
is a huge loss for them
I am myself and I can be proud of it"
Even though its hard to belive, it takes a time before it sits

but one day you will hounest say these to yourself, my friend
"I now I am great, and nobody can say against me again
Because i simply the best
and therefore I can forget the rest

Are you like I was before too?
look in the mirror and cry untill you turn blue
then you shall evrey morning say to yourself
say to your reflection:
"I am beautifull for God, for someone in this world, I am worthy of an great life in peace,
I am great because I am me!"

It i a cure for bulling and the victims
its not exspensive wins
but love and understanding
its the best cure for everything, its not lies

If you see someone struggles
than smuggle some love and affection in
and bring a hand in their need
than they will help you when it is you who bleed!


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