Tilbake Tilbake: Kunst og kultur

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Whatever it might be, we cannot be sure. Culture has developed in the past decades more as a funny astonishing part of politically power.
Why it that so, not different?

I want to be spesiell, was a hit in the 90`th;
Starting to study was exiting and motivated highly by me as a person;
Without the experiences I did in the last 21 years.
Is is so that your expactations getting less, because of sickness;
Maybe there is just less good words in the system of human society
in Europe;
Many things which I didn`t get as student has formed me in the last;
It was fun to creat and be in it as a part;
Now It seems to me gone by the wind;
But there are other parts which are making a wonder;
Just needs time
and a will to not getting just sick again;
Acceptance to listen what is said to me

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