The little bird

Et lite dikt om kjærligheten som kom flyvende en dag jeg satt og tenkte på min kjære.

The little bird

Then all of a sudden, the little bird is gone. Only a word remains. A whisper.. And it keeps me going through the night. Making me long for her song. The joyful chirp in the trees, the cool summer breeze..

In the trees i can hear her. In the water she is the current. She is dancing in the grass.

Everywhere is my love. Everywhere.

The markings on my skin, battlescars for the fight for love.

Everything is her.

All around.

My words could never explain. Nor can i ever hope they will. I just hope she can feel a hint of what i am, what i do, what i feel.

There is so much inside. So much to show. So much to do..

If only there was enough time..

If only i had started before..

If only..

But i didn´t..

And now we are wedged apart..

Strangled in my own emotions, i feel the pain of the loss from the past. I cannot bear to loose her ever again. Yet, i already have..

I don´t know if my love is enough.

That she will stay this time.

If she will go away again..

I tried to reach out once, i got hurt. And i could not get back up.. I tried and tried. Cried so many tears.

I´m loosing this game.

The game of my thoughts.

My regrets..

My love remains.

And that is what keeps me going.

For without my love..

I´m nothing..

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