you are as sweet as the blackberries,
you are beautiful as the water lilies that are reflected in the water at sunrise,
your hair is beautiful as the fairy-veil in the spruce forest at sunset,
you smell as good as jasmine,
your breasts bristling like sun-ripened apples,
your eyes are as beautiful as bluebells,
your teeth are white as snowbells,
your lips are beautiful as the wild roses,
your legs are as beautiful as the young birches,
your butt is beautiful as the grass on the meadow,
you are soft as a salix,
you are warm as the willows sprote,
you are strong as the mountain pines,
you are stubborn as a dwarf-birch,
you are resistant as reindeer-moss.
Hjertelig Hilsen
The Great Poet
Bjørn Stuverød.

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