I'm not sad you're gone

When I look back I notice,
that I always texted first

Apperantly I needed you,
like a child needs it's dessert.
You always made me smile,
were amazing, and sweet
But far too soon you were gone,
and I'd dream of the next time we'd meet.

Of all you've done to me,
the silence has been the worst.
Maybe I expected to much,
but all I needed were your words.
I needed you to tell me,
that everything was fine
You never wanted me,
I know that I was blind.

But know I see, clearly, what you've done to me,
and for the first time in forever I actually feel free.
I no longer wait up at night,
to see if you will call,
If we don't speak for days,
I don't mind at all.

Til forsiden