From past to present future.

I know the feeling of being bullied and I know the struggle you get from it after.
This is about this little girl, who is exactly going through life of bullying. How life change from it.

Everything started normal as possible. She was this little normal girl once, all until everything changed in her life.
She was this girl who always had a smile behind everything. She was this stubborn little child, who loved to play, sing, dance and be dreaming.
Even though.. her life changed.
Sad as it is, at some point in her life she got scared, and to the end she was scared everything. Her voice changed. The girl who once loved the attention. Was now scared of it, scared to use her voice, to do the one thing she really loved; to sing, dance and act.
Years past by and her life got more lost in her past and present.
After years of bullying, there was still a dream inside of her that never left her behind. A dream she knew she could hold on, without speaking or acting on, without a laughter.
Her spirit got lost in those animals around her. She loved the peace and the love she got from them. The way she could be herself and the way she could feel loved and accepted around those animals.
From a age of four, she falls in love in one spectacular animal. A animal she always had looked up to. A dream she always had dreamed about when she was sleeping. A horse, to be owning her own horse.
When she turned sixteen, she got her first horse from her parents, as a surprise gift. For a hope that she could give this life a second change, and a way to start loving life again after this bullying in her life.
Little did she know how life would turn back on her later in her life after being bullied years by years. After years.. she turned into this depressed girl and she got even more scared of this life, than what she was.
Her horse was everything for her, and she couldn't give up on her last dream in her life. Even if she barely couldn't take care of herself at this point. A thought of selling her horse was in her mind at this stage. Even though she fighted in her mind to her strength to keep this only loved friend in her life.
Now she's sailing around in her mind, to get back to the beginning. To get back her lost spirit from the past. When she was wild, free and dancing in those trees. With her horse; her dream, she's taking one step forward to a better future for real.

Til forsiden