Tilbake Tilbake: Eksistens

Time's up!

The last of the golden grains
falls to the ground.

Time's up
they say to me.
I try to gather
the golden grains.
I need more time.
I tell them.
But they all
turn away from me.

I stand in front
of a huge clock.
It makes no tics
or tacs anymore.
Stopped at 5am.
I cry:
But they just laugh.
And turn away.

I see a door
in the wodden clock.
I run towards
it and open it.
A wide space
meets me.
As dark
as the darkest night.
I run inside.
Without knowing where I'm going.

I found the
place where one can turn it.
Turn the arms
so they show a different time.
And turn the clock
back on again.
I try my best
to push the arms.
But they just
wont budge at all.

And so I sit.
Right here.
Looking up at
the time in front of me.
I cant change you.
I think to myself.
I cant change
the past.
The time I had.
Is gone.

Time's up!

Til forsiden