Tilbake Tilbake: Eksistens

Sometimes Life is Hard

Det er alltid bra for den psykiske helsen å skrive ned tanker som surrer rundt i hodet.

Sometimes we see things that aren´t meant to be seen. Sometimes things aren´t always as they seem.
Sometimes we need someone to call our own, especially when we´re alone.

Sometimes people just can´t understand, why things get out of hand. Sometimes life just isn´t fair,
Especially when people just don´t care. And sometimes it´s hard to say, why things have to be this way.
Sometimes it´s all you can do to get by, especially when dreams continue to die.

Sometimes it´s nice to sit in the rain.
Even to just relieve the pain.
And when we´ve had a really bad day, sometimes we just need to get away. We never know what´s wrong with out pain. Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.

And sometimes when people get hurt, even the strongest ones may need comfort.

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