Tilbake Tilbake: Depresjon

This Is My Goodbye

Et dikt som beskriver mine innerste tanker og følelser..

Full of lies
"thanks, I´m fine"
living this nightmares
that´s always been mine

Masked by smiles
but really I´m dying
fighting so hard
I really am trying

Fading awaw
from this thing they call life
and often I turn to
the blade of my knife

I can´t find the meaning
is there one at all?
barely awake, barely alive
feels like death is my only call

In the deep of my mind
is the darkes thoughts
so insane tired
of all the fights I have fought

"Hold on and think positive,
It´s never too late..."
they don´t fucking realize
that it´s not worth the wait

They just try to help
but this is all on me
it´s me against myself
I have to set me free

This is a battle
never to be won
I can´t stay any longer
It´s all said and done

"No feeling is final"
that´s what they said
But there´s no point in trying
when you´re already dead?

I´m losing either way
so I´m choosing to die
I´m leaving this nightmare
so this is my goodbye

Til forsiden