Tilbake Tilbake: Depresjon

Not me...

It's not me, or is it?

Kicking my own ass over the smallest mistakes,
Questioning myself, if I got the strength it takes,

Wondering if the world truly needs me or not,
Being mad at myself for even having that thought,

Feeling like the worst friend for not staying it touch,
But now even just sending a text requires too much,

Saying "I'm just tired" so often it's now overused,
Hiding my pain when I get a small energy boost,

Doing what I can to feel like I among others belong,
Trying to get emotions out by writing a sad song,

Being scared to talk to others, not knowing what to say,
Faking a smile, because I don't know any other way,

Feeling guilty because my daughter is used to me crying,
Hating myself for having thoughts about dying,

When I'm in need for help, I'm not able to call,
Yeah none of these things are me, not at all..

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