Tilbake Tilbake: Depresjon

My beast

Why are you still awake, beast?
I've been singing you a lullaby every single night.
Don't you like the lavendel-oil on my pillow?

Why aren't you sleeping, beast?
I really thought that I was happy.
Is my thoughts keeping you awake?

Why are you still eating, beast?
I've been feeding you for years.
Aren't you able to be full?

Why are you still here, beast?
My pills were supposed to drag you out.
But they only make you feel warmer, don't they?

You're my invisible tumor, aren't you, beast?
But i won't be able to operate you out.
You've becomed a part of me, haven't you, beast?

Well, then I have to welcome you once and for all, beast.
But never again will I satisfy you.

Heidi R.

Til forsiden