Tilbake Tilbake: Depresjon

Have you ever

Have you ever

Have you ever been so tired of all the noise in your head,
That all your self-destructive thoughts are almost eating you away?

Have you ever felt so lonely in a room full of people,
That just keeping your head up high were all you could think of?

Have you ever had that thought of you falling off a cliff,
And that the best part of it is that it wouldn't even hurt a bit?

Have you ever felt so numb that you've forgotten how to laugh,
And that the smile you wear is just another mask?

Have you ever felt so heavy that all you wanna do is sleep,
And that you hope you don't wake up for at least a few weeks?

Have you ever felt so guilty of all the feelings that you bear,
And that it probably would be best if you weren't even here?

I know what it's like when it's hard to breathe, cause you turn into your own worst enemy.
To be feeling so small, like in a corner with your back up against the wall.

The feeling like I've lost is getting more difficult for each time,
But this time I've really started to question if I'll ever make it through the finish line.

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