Tilbake Tilbake: Angst


Tatiana, from your birth, you have been like the earth.
You sexy thing, you sing, like the spring.
I will do everything, to be your king.
I want to offer you a ring, and see what it will bring.
You are like a sunbeam, you are my dream.
You are shining like the moon, and you are going to be mine soon.
You sparkle like a star, and you have come very far.
You know, that you are more beautiful than the rainbow.
You are a sight, for the eye´s.
You smell like a posies, of roses.
And when you call, your voice sounds as a waterfall.
You can be sweet as summer rain, but you can be as a hurricane.
But I got this emotion, that your heart is bigger than the ocean.
Your hair is like a river, and I want you forever.
You are like the forest, you never rest.
You are steady as a tree, but you are free, as the sea.
You are like heaven, like all seven.
You are so kind, you are like the wind.
And you are always on my mind, and you cause no pain.
You are warm like a volcano, and you are hot as an inferno.
But you are nice, as ice, you are like a paradise.
You are great, old and cold like the universe, or was it reverse.
You have been in my heart, from the start.
You are smart, you are like art.
You have a great soul, and you have always been bold.
You are like a bird, you are the only girl I want in this world.
Heavenly Greetings
The Great Poet
Bjørn Stuverød.

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