Tilbake Tilbake: Angst

Day by Day


Eyes are open
A new day
Stand up
You are awake

Gather some clothes
A towel
Take a shower

The mirror
A picture
That`s your painting
Try to calm down

Hope, your eyes do not decieve
You are alive

The door
Traps you inside
If you let it
It`s not locked

Sun is shining
The noises
overencumber your mind

Do you feel it?
Chest moving
Back and forth

Hands are shaking
Cool wind
Very sudden
You keep moving

When you`re there
It makes sense
Why you were scared

Forget everything
Take it all in
A new memory
Don`t have to think

Can i own it?
Can`t move a muscle
Frozen to the ground

Going back home
Was told to leave
By my body
My mind agrees

In to my room
It`s a mess
Time to clean?
No energy

Loss of interest
Everything feels the same
Can`t trick myself
I am not ok

Ask for help?
Who do i tell?
My doctor listens
Gave me some pills

Take one
Sitting on my bead
I need to eat

Fall asleep
Shutting my eyes
Distracted by
A Beam of light

Am i better?
Do not know
Will i ever?
In time

Til forsiden